On a visit to Worthy Brewing in Bend Oregon, we happened upon the most fabulous insect house that I have ever laid eyes upon. After some research, I discovered that it was created by Worthy Garden Club so, I had to look them up and learn more. As a result, in this episode, let’s discuss supporting our environment (1) from our backyard through insect hotels, (2) learning about non-profits that support our environment, (3) making a difference by doing what we enjoy most, and (4) buying holiday gifts from companies who are making business decisions that positively support our environment.  

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  1. PDF on How to Build an Insect Hotel.
  2. PDF Attracting beneficial bugs.
  3. Learn more about the Honey Bee Conservancy.
  4. Follow on Instagram: the Honey Bee Conservancy - Worthy Garden Club - Crown Bees
  5. DONATE to the Worthy Garden Club by clicking here.
  6. DONATE to the Honey Bee Conservancy by clicking here.
  7. Learn more about Operation Appleseed
  8. Worthy Garden Clubs’ Pinterest boards
  9. Shop for birthday and Christmas Gifts that are earth-friendly using this EarthHero portal to buy from earth-friendly companies.

Legal Disclosure: Kristina Browning is a licensed Realtor in the State of Oregon with 503 Properties

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