What word comes to mind when you hear the words “Home office?”  Dread?  Chaos?  Happiness? Piles?  Utilitarian?  From the location of your office to your office door, the paint color, the technology, the desk, the layout and the lighting…let’s deep dive into the subject of making your home office the best it can be (and even preventing burn out!)  Let’s set it up for great workflow and creativity. Your home office can feel good. It can look good. It can function well. If you’re looking for home office inspiration, let’s do this!


Did you know that you can hire me no matter where you live?  If you are stuck on one particular area of your home, I do online consults to help you with your space and reasoning. If you live in the Portland, Oregon area and you’d like to hire me as your Realtor or your home coach to help work through difficult spaces, reach out to me at Kristina@spaceandreason.com.  The finest compliment I could ever receive is the confidence of your referral. 

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Legal Disclosure: Kristina Browning is a licensed Realtor in the State of Oregon with 503 Properties

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