This is a mini-episode about adding style or updating things like kitchen cabinets and bookshelves using temporary wallpaper. Note: this is also a renter-friendly suggestion in the event that you don’t own your own home yet!  Also, this is a concept to chew on for updating a space without completely overhauling it.  As always this includes things to ask yourself about your own space and your reasons.

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Sources & Reference———————————————-

List of companies I mentioned / links available on the private Facebook group page linked above. 

  1. Kate Zaremba Company
  2. Chasing Paper
  3. Hygge & West
  4. WallsNeedLove
  5. Spoonflower
  6. WallCandy Arts
  7. West Elm
  8. Tempaper
  9. Blik
  10. Wallternatives
  11. NuWallpaper by Wall Pops
  12. Carter + Main

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